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Version: 3.x

Inline Menu

The InlineMenu class extends Conversation and help you to provide an easy interface to create inline menu messages in your bot.


  • menuText(string $text, array $opt = [])
    Set the message text and the optional message parameters

  • addButtonRow(... InlineKeyboardButton $buttons)
    Set a row of buttons to the current message
    When you use a button with callback_data, you must set the value as callbackData@methodName and create a method with the name methodName

  • clearButtons()
    Remove the buttons from the current message

  • orNext(?string $orNext)
    Call a method if there is no matching handlers

  • showMenu(bool $reopen = false, bool $noHandlers = false, bool $noMiddlewares = false)
    Send the message with buttons

  • closeMenu()
    Close the menu deleting the current message

Changing Telegram method type

Override the following methods only to change the Telegram method used:

  • doOpen()
    Send the message. Default: sendMessage

  • doUpdate()
    Edit the message. Default: editMessageText

  • doClose()
    Delete the message. Default: deleteMessage


class ChooseColorMenu extends InlineMenu

public function start(Nutgram $bot)
$this->menuText('Choose a color:')
->addButtonRow(InlineKeyboardButton::make('Red', callback_data: 'red@handleColor'))
->addButtonRow(InlineKeyboardButton::make('Green', callback_data: 'green@handleColor'))
->addButtonRow(InlineKeyboardButton::make('Yellow', callback_data: 'yellow@handleColor'))

public function handleColor(Nutgram $bot)
$color = $bot->callbackQuery()->data;
$this->menuText("Choosen: $color!")

public function none(Nutgram $bot)