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Version: 3.x

Getting Updates

Currently, the framework mainly supports two different methods to process updates: Polling and Webhook mode.

  • Polling: mainly useful for small bots or with not much traffic, but especially for development mode, since it allows you to start developing a bot in a short time!
  • Webhook: Strongly recommended for bots with high traffic and more generally for production mode.

To begin to process incoming updates, you must call the ->run() method, at the end:

use SergiX44\Nutgram\Nutgram;

$bot = new Nutgram($_ENV['TOKEN']); // new instance

// register callbacks
// middlewares
// do your stuff

$bot->run(); // finally, begin to process incoming updates


This is the default running mode, when the ->run() method is called, will block the script execution and starts the update loop. This is meant to be used on a CLI or in a service unit.

use SergiX44\Nutgram\Nutgram;
use SergiX44\Nutgram\RunningMode\Polling;

$bot = new Nutgram($_ENV['TOKEN']); // new instance

// ...

$bot->run(); // start to listen to updates, until stopped


This update mode is recommended for deploy your bot to production, but can be also used with ngrok or expose for development, the only difference is that it requires the webhook set manually.

use SergiX44\Nutgram\Nutgram;
use SergiX44\Nutgram\RunningMode\Webhook;

$bot = new Nutgram($_ENV['TOKEN']); // new instance

// ...

$bot->run(); // after this, the script continues execution

After processing the current update, the script continues execution, BUT you shouldn't put long operations after the method anyway, as Telegram expects a response quickly.


You can create your own running mode, if these do not satisfy you, in fact, you will just create a class that extends the RunningMode interface.

Retrieving updates manually

You can also use the low level telegram methods, and take over the whole update management, like in the example:

use SergiX44\Nutgram\Nutgram;
use SergiX44\Nutgram\Telegram\Types\Common\Update;

$bot = new Nutgram($_ENV['TOKEN']);

// Retrieve te list of pending updates...
$updates = $bot->getUpdates();

/** @var Update $update */
foreach ($updates as $update) {
// do stuff with your updates