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Version: 3.x

From 2.x to 3.x

The breaking changes contained in the 3.x version are all following the release 6.0 of the Telegram bot API.

Removed Methods

Telegram removed this already deprecated API calls:

  • getChatMembersCount replaced by getChatMemberCount
  • kickChatMember replaced by banChatMember

Renamed Properties

  • Renamed the fields voice_chat_scheduled, voice_chat_started, voice_chat_ended, and voice_chat_participants_invited to video_chat_scheduled, video_chat_started, video_chat_ended, and video_chat_participants_invited in the class Message.
  • Renamed the field can_manage_voice_chats to can_manage_video_chats in the class ChatMemberAdministrator

Renamed Parameters

  • Renamed the parameter can_manage_voice_chats to can_manage_video_chats in the method promoteChatMember.