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Version: 3.x


Nutgram accepts as a logger system any adapter that implements the PSR-3 LoggerInterface interface.

By default, it uses the internal NullLogger class, which is a fall-back "black hole" implementation if no logger is given to it.



If you are using Laravel or Symfony frameworks, you can skip this section, but take a look at the corresponding section for your framework:

To specify a different logger adapter, you need to pass the instance at the bot instantiation. The following example, we are using the built-in SergiX44\Nutgram\Logger\ConsoleLogger, that can be used to log the requests to the console. Useful when used with Polling running mode.

use SergiX44\Nutgram\Nutgram;
use SergiX44\Nutgram\Logger\ConsoleLogger;

$bot = new Nutgram('TOKEN', [
'logger' => ConsoleLogger::class